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What is included?


✅ 12 Social Posts Created

❌ 1 Weekly Video (total of 4 per month)

✅ 4 of Those 12 Posts Will be Carousels (on Instagram)

✅ Square and Landscape Graphics Size

✅ Custom Graphic

✅ 7 Days Delivery of The First Batch (3 Posts)

✅ At Least 20 Keywords/Hashtags Research

✅ 2 Revisions For Each Batch of Posts (4 Batches of 3 Posts Each)

✅ Content Marketing (Why this matters?)

✅ Copywriting (Why this matters?)

✅ Storytelling (Why this matters?)

✅ Organic Outreach on Instagram (at Least 20+ Real New Followers Per Month) (Why this matters?)
✅ Scheduling Tool
✅ Weekly Analytics (Why this matters?)
❌ Monthly Reporting
✅ Free Google Drive Storage
✅ Content Planner

✅ Customer Value Journey Stages (Awareness and Engage) (Why this matters?)

✅ Trello Board

✅ All my devices protected with VPN (Why this matter?)

❌ White label services (Why this matters?)


(You can unlock more features, choosing a different package)


Standard Pack 2



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